Retro System Review: FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System

Many new retro gaming systems are for sale right now. Some of the systems work fine but some do not work well at all. Some of these systems play only one kind of games but some play as up to three kinds of games. As many people are aware of China made products can be very cheap quality and most of these systems are made in China. The quality of the machines range from poor to excellent though. This means you will want to learn how the system compare before you buy one. The FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System is one of these retro systems. If you want to know how the FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System compares to the other retro systems then you need to read on.

The FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System is a improved and updated version of the NES Portable system. The previous system had many major flaws so the big question is how well the FC Mobile 2 fixes the problems of its poor quality predecessor. The FC Mobile 2 cost about $50 which is about $5 more then the older version.

As you may have guessed from the name the FC Mobile 2 plays NES games and it is also portable. However if you take a second to think about it you will realize how silly a portable NES system is. The NES cartridges are bigger then the entire system. Also many systems are out there that play roms of these games and also play other systems. With battery drainage a big issue the portability of this machine is lacking and this is at best a NES system.

Fortunately the FC Mobile 2 does have wires that can connect to the TV. Being portable the machine is lacking in what many NES only systems have going for them the ability to use NES controllers and peripherals. Not only are you paying twice as much for this machine as other NES only systems but you do not get the advantages that most NES only systems have.

The next big issues is how the FC Mobile 2 improves on the earlier system. The FC Mobile 2 does a little better but not much. The older version was built so shallow that many games could not get a good connection and many games would not work. Now most games do work but not well. The machine is still poor quality and has many of the same problems that the earlier one had. It seems the only improvement is that most games will fit the system and work with the low quality emulation the older version should have had.

The one good thing about the system is the controllers are high quality. Most retro systems that are wireless do not have controllers that work. The FC Mobile 2 oddly has controllers that do work. It is amazing that a machine so poorly built is able to do the what much better systems can not do.

I could not recommend the NES Portable System and I can not recommend the FC Mobile 2. The FC Mobile 2 is marginally better then the NES Portable System but it is still a terrible system.


So it’s time for another one of those blogs where I present two opposing sides to a particular topic, what I’d like to call a Devil’s Advocate blog. What I might be writing in here might be my actual opinion or it might not be. But that’s cause these blogs are not about me, it’s about the topic and getting you to think what things you agree or disagree with each side or maybe even get you to talk about some things I forgot or didn’t know to mention. So that said, let’s begin.
The topic: Is multiplayer needed in all games?


Multiplayer online and/or offline is a huge trend these days. It’s understandable with consoles games usually costing $60 and PC games costing $50, and much more in other regions of the world such as Europe, Australia, and South America. Still, one can’t help but feel that some games just don’t need it. In fact, some games can be a bit hampered by it, especially if the inclusion of multiplayer mean that singleplayer mode is overlooked while providing a crappy multiplayer mode at the same time (*cough* Condemend 2 *cough*)

In niche genres, multiplayer just doesn’t seem to work that well because most of these niche games are about atmosphere and player skill progression, things that usually lose meaning when translated into a multi-player experience. For example, Devil May Cry is a fairly niche franchise that’s about chaining stylish combos to defeat these larger-than-life bosses all presented with grandiose and over-the-top cut scenes. If this series was to include a multiplayer mode of some sort, all this would be lost, just like how the Resident Evil franchise has now come to lose its scary zombie atmosphere.

What’s also not cool is that usually, when a game’s multiplayer turns out awesome, the singleplayer leaves much to be desired. Many games nowadays seem to be released with crappy singleplayer campaign but feature really addictive multiplayer experience. Some come out with mediocre multiplayer but with awful and tacked-on singleplayer as some sort of compensation. This just feels like a ripoff at times.

Besides, how exactly would anyone expect these multiplayer modes to be like in certain games? Multiplayer for Dead Space? For Fallout 3? For God of War 3? For Jak 4?

There are many different games in which multiplayer just doesn’t seem like it’d work and these games are just best played alone.


Gears of War is fun sure but Gears of War with a buddy sitting next to you? That’s pure bliss. There is also the fact that Gears of War is still one of the most played games on XBL. For many games, the simple fact seems to be that multi-player not only gives gamers more options but also makes the game more fun.

A game experience may turn out to be completely different when made multiplayer but as long as it is fun, why should it matter? MGS4 was still a jaw-dropping, heart-pumping, extremely polished and a gorgeously cinematic experience alongside a somewhat niche yet still addictive online multiplayer mode called MGO. MGO feels completely different from MGS4 and lacks all the great atmospheric and cinematic feel of MGS4 but this doesn’t hurt the singleplayer experience of MGS4 at all; it only adds to the experience.

Multiplayer is something that could make a game more fully featured and more valuable, regardless of what kind of a game it was. Nowadays, multiplayer is no longer limited to MMOs, FPS, RTS, Simulation, and fighters. All kinds of multiplayer modes are surfacing, from Fable II to Resident Evil 5 and even to a JRPG like White Knight Chronicles. Would these games be best suitable for solely singleplayer experience? Most likely, yes, but additional multiplayer feature would only add more life to games and give gamers more options. Thus, all games should have some kind of multiplayer features even if those features feel so different from the singleplayer experience.


I’m very much like Ben Crenshaw (Yahtzee) on this issue since I’m heavily biased towards singleplayer experiences and thus could care less about multiplayer. I didn’t enjoy Halo 3 singleplayer camapgin so I don’t like Halo 3 in general, even though its multiplayer is damn amazing. So I really don’t like it when the inclusion of multiplayer may mean downgrading of the singleplayer experience. Some games, I’m perfectly fine with it being solely singleplayer. I don’t really think Bioshock or Uncharted or Mass Effect needed multiplayer because even without it, the singleplayer experience was enough to keep me entertained. And me personally, when I encounter games like Heavenly Sword – which is criticied by many as being too short – my issue isn’t with the fact that it doesn’t have multiplayer but is with the fact that a lot of it could have been designed a lot better so that its short length could have been made more enjoyable to be played over and over and over again.
But of course, that’s my bias talking.

What do you guys think? Do all games need to include a multiplayer mode?

Top FIve Nintendo Wii Games of Spring 2008

The Nintendo Wii is living it large right now. Not only is it the best selling system on the market, it was also the exclusive home to the two best games of the last two years: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006) and Super Mario Galaxy (2007). We won’t need to wait long for another masterpiece with Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the way in the spring. Nintendo’s mascot fighter and four other top games will keep your Nintendo Wii busy in the coming months and beyond. Here are the top five Nintendo Wii games for the spring.

5. Boom Blox
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Electronic Arts, Release Date: May, ESRB Rating: RP
Coming from the mastermind of Steven Spielberg, Boom Blox is a physic-based puzzle game that satiates our desire to build and destroy blocks. The game will not only feature more than 300 levels but it will also include a level editor in addition to the ability to share custom levels online. Using the Wii Remote in new imaginative ways such as head-tracking, Boom Blox is looking to be one of the most original games in recent years.

4. Wii Fit
Publisher: Nintendo, Developer: Nintendo, Release Date: May 19, ESRB Rating: RP
Nintendo created a phenomenon with Wii Sports. They will create another frenzy with Wii Fit. Just as Wii Sports was used to sell the Wii Remote, Wii Fit will be used to sell the Wii Balance Board. This special board not only reads your weight but also your balance and sensitivity, creating a new and unique gameplay experience in the process. Although it is a mini-game compilation, Wii Fit may end being the best party game if the year.
3. Bully: Scholarship Edition
Publisher: Rockstar Games, Developer: Rockstar Games, Release Date: March 3, ESRB Rating: T
Despite the initial controversy, Bully went on to achieved critical and commercial success thanks to the witty writing and open world sandbox gameplay (it was from the same company that brought you the Grand Theft Auto series after all). The port to the Nintendo Wii adds even more content to an already deep game. Despite the great success, Bully getting get all the attention it deserved when it was released on the Playstation 2. Hopefully, the Nintendo Wii version can be more successful.

2. Okami
Publisher: Capcom, Developer: Clover Studio/Ready at Dawn Studios, Release Date: March 25, ESRB Rating: T
Like Bully, Okami never got the attention that it warranted. The Playstation 2 adventure title gave the legendary Zelda series a run for its money with its great brush art and creative puzzles. Despite great critical response, the game sold badly and the developer was closed down soon afterwards. One’s loss is anther’s gain. Nintendo Wii fans have been anticipating the idea of using the Wii Remote to draw the brush strokes ever since Okami was revealed. They will finally get their chance to play this instant classic in the spring.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Publisher: Nintendo, Developer: Nintendo, Release Date: March 9, 2006, ESRB Rating: T
What more could be said? After being delayed not once but twice, the wait is finally over when Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out for the Nintendo Wii this spring. 35 characters (including the inclusion of third-party ones: Solid Snake and Sonic), numerous modes including online play and custom stages and an abundant of unlockables, Super Smash Bros. Brawl makes other games look like a rip-off with its second-to-none offerings. No Nintendo Wii fans should miss this game since it is basically one big celebration of all things Nintendo. Just like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in 2006 and Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be the game to get in 2008.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links – Your Favourite Cards Game

About the game:

Yu Gi Oh is one of the amazing online game and the game was designed by Konami at January 6, 2016. This name is featured from the Transcend games. This is also a card game and you can get different types of cards. Depending upon the cards you can get different types of powers compare to your opponent or enemies.

Before going to the game you have to register your account. Depending upon the pre-registered accounts, rewards can be allocated. For example,

  • For 50 gems- Dark Magician reward can be allocated.
  • For 100 gems- Yugi muto duel field can be allocated.
  • Above the 300 yu gi oh duel links free gems– Seto Kaiba-duel field can be allocated.

What is Duel world?

Duel world is the hub area, from this place only you can select and challenge to get the standard duelists or the legend duelists. If you play well then you can get different types of duelists and improve your status in the game.

Demo play:

Yu Gi Oh duel links game platform will help you to understand the rules and regulations of the game. In this demo, you have an online opponent and you have to play against it. From this you can practice the game and decks have been given to you by your duelists.

Rules to play the game:

There are more number of rules and regulations present in this game. Some of they are,

  • Every player has three Monster zones and they also have three speed zones.
  • You have to start your game from at-least 8000LP.
  • You must have 40-60 cards per game.
  • Depending upon the characters selected, you can start with different amount allocated for the characters.
  • This game has main phase 2 and end phase. You must complete those levels to improve your status.

What is the reason to play the game?

Every game has a good reason to play and if it will not satisfy your needs then it will not be a good game. This game contains more interesting things because it is a battle game. If you won the first level then you can go to the next level with different powers. The following are the some reasons to play the game.

Comfortable to play: The game had a greatest followers and it would definitely make you feel the uniqueness or easy to play. As this is the cards game, so it must have some special characters to attract the players. Most of the cards game is very difficult to understand, but this game has very easiest procedures to play. That’s-why this game will be loved by more number of people.

Some position for every player:  All game players can’t have same type of interest and knowledge. Depending upon the mindset you can get different types of cards.

  • If you are like dragons, you can select the dragon’s deck.
  • If you are a tree lover, you can get tree deck.

Similar to that decks you can get different types of decks like, dinosaurs along with plants, sea serpents etc. So this game will suitable for every people who are lived with different thoughts.

Variety of play: This game contains different levels. Fashion monsters, Normal monsters and Ritule monsters are the starting levels of the game. If you reached to the particular level then you can get interesting monsters like photon, wind-up, etc. You could not get an idea about the next level. Hence the upcoming levels will give you an amazing feel.

How to play the game?

While playing the Yu Gi Oh duel links game you have to hold three main cards called spells, monsters and traps, which will help you to beat the opponent life points. The basic rule is that, every player must have 40-60 cards and you to hold 5 cards in the game.

In your turn you have to draw your cards and decide what your aim is, it may be monster or spell or traps. If you have a normal monster then you have to play to get the monsters with special abilities.  By using monster attack, try to reduce the opposite player life points. The monster attacks will increase your life point and spells will increase the monsters attack points. Traps will protect the monster points.


Every game consists of some different characteristics and it will improve your way of thinking and give better time pass without any tension. So play this battle game and make your mind free!

Tips to Help You When You Play Clash Royale

Tips to Help You When You Play Clash Royale

One of the best things about gamers, the ones who eat, sleep and breathe games, is that they need no hacks and cheat codes. But then these are the gamers who have grown up spending every weekday and weekend with the gaming consoles, gaming day and night. They  get mad when we ask them to get a life, they get offended when they are asked to go out more often; they call themselves master strategists.

And then there are the rest- the ones who game when we have the time, hang out with friends, study for finals and maintain a fairly active social life. These guys can catch a quick game or two during the day and have to spend sleepless nights catching up with the rest of the gaming community. All the hacks and the cheat-codes are for these guys. One game that everyone plays on the go is Clash Royale. And it is just your luck if you are having a tough time playing the game. And because we are really nice people, here are clash royale cheats for free that you absolutely must know.

  1. Keep Calm, Keep Patient

The formula of Clash of Clans is mixed with card battling mechanism. The attacks and the magic attacks are very familiar. This is why most players are hasty and attack quickly. But our game-experts advise against it.  During the first few moments of the match, make sure your moves are slow and calculated in its offensive strategy. And even if the tower is being attacked keep calm, because offense is the best defense and this is the biggest of all clash royale cheats. Make the offense bigger only after one Rival tower is down; this ensures that you can wrap up that win easily. Your Elixir will refill twice as quickly during the last minute, which gives you the freedom to put up twice as much troops in the field.

  1. Intelligent Use of Elixir

While you might get carried away pulling out new cards, always be sure to keep tabs on the Elixir meter.  Using smaller units once the fight starts will do two things- flood the battle field and drain out your opponent’s energy.  Use the limited elixir you have to create a powerful troop, only if you have enough elixir to spawn another troop right after.  Spending too much Elixir and attacking with an overwhelming force has not worked out for so long, and probably will not work out as well.

  1. Waiting for the Chests to Open

Anybody who is anxious or is short on time will spend their gems in the early phase of the game, spending it all on the newly obtained chests.  New cards will be accessible, when the chests are cracked open. If you’re lucky, you might get an Epic or Rare Card. But you never know in which chest you can find them. So, the only thing you can do is wait.

  1. Timing the Poison Spell Right

There is one specific situation in which you can use the Poison Spell on every single match, once you add it to your deck. When your tower gets flooded-attacked by enemy troops excessively, the Poison Spell can be their gas cloud of death.  This is an effective way to trap as many from the enemy clan as possible. A poison gas ridden incoherent enemy troop can also be easily defeated by your own troop. And another important thing that will probably help if you remember is that the spell costs 4 points of Elixir. And this makes it convenient if you have the required elixir saved up for this.  Make sure you time it right.

Clash Royale is a game that helps the player become a better gamer. What you get out of gaming, apart from the sheer joy of gaming include hand-eye coordination, becoming a better strategist and a master-planner. Another thing that gaming teaches us is effective management of available and required resources.  These make Clash Royale a much sort after game.

Clash Royale Hacks include a lot of patience and that is exactly why you should play it- to master patience. And in the real life, I am sure that we know how beneficial it is to be at peace with yourself, something that patience could give you. And these are mere tips on how to play the game properly, hacktools are a topic for another day and another time, isn’t it?

Awesome Freeware #18 – Cloud

Jenova Chen
In the previous installment of Awesome Freeware, we looked at Jenova Chen’s popular game fl0w. Prior to fl0w he developed a lesser-known indie game called Cloud. Though it has a different theme, the motifs of simple mouse-based gameplay and lovely ambient graphics and music are similar.

This time out, you play as a sort of angel-boy who has the power to draw clouds to him, and suck them into himself to deploy later. You have to fly around finding pure white clouds, of which there are a limited supply, and then lead these to neutral transparent/greyish clouds, at which point they merge together to form a larger mass of white clouds. The ultimate objective of the levels is usually to destroy all of the dark smog clouds, which is done simply by overwhelming them with your white clouds, although sometimes you also have to form a certain shape with the clouds to proceed.

Graphics are simple but pretty, with nice hand-painted watercolors that set the story of the game, and a 3D engine that looks nice without consuming a lot of system resources. The gameplay is equally simple, utilizing only the mouse and a few keyboard buttons (Space to slow down, Shift to absorb white clouds and CTRL to deploy them). A tutorial in the opening two stages gets you going step-by-step, and you can zoom in and out to a great degree if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse. Getting the right speed can be a bit tricky with the mouse, but other than that, the game handles pretty well.

There are only four relatively small stages, and not much to do for “goal-oriented” gamers, but hey – it’s freeware. I think it is worthwhile just for the sunny, positive atmosphere and the ability to improve your mood. A nice little desktop break-time game to keep around.

Super Mario run hack cheats tool for generating coins

At present, the super Mario hack tool comes very handy for the players. It is a super working tool that enables to access and gain unlimited inquiries as fast and easy as possible. The specialty of using super Mario run hack is providing premium currencies at infinite numbers for free. Once you start playing this game, you do not need to spend your real money for buying any stuff; rather you can simply use this amazing hack tool. Another interesting thing about this hack cheat is generating countless amounts of coins instantly by simply clicking on the Generate button. It is also completely safe and undetectable to use, so you do not worry about anything.

The super Mario run hack is now available on many websites along with tutorial guide, tips and tricks. This is only hacking software program works well on all iOS and android devices without any troubles. All you need to have is an active internet connection to and follow the tips and tricks carefully. This significant online generator tool will allow you enter the desired amount of resources such as coins that you want for your game play. This online program tool is also straight forward to use, because it has been developed by the team of professional developers under the lots of certified tests. Whenever you decide to play this game, you do not try to miss this tool ever.

New super Mario run hack features

In today’s gaming world, the super Mario run hack is one of the most famous online games that come across on all mobile devices. Initially, this hack tool has been released for iOS and later now available for android versions too. One of the amazing features of this game is able to play into a new adventure theme on your own devices such as iPad, iPhone and many other devices. Like any other online games, you can also easily run, navigate and also constantly move as well as jump forward via the game to navigate. Some of the excellent features of super Mario run hack are given below:

  • Add unlimited coins
  • No need of root or jailbreak
  • 100% safe to use
  • Automatic regular updates
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Working on all devices such as android, iOS such as iPhone and iPad

Download super Mario run hack apk file online for free

The super Mario run hack is composed of three various game modes. The initial mode is challenging courses that allow the players to challenge the game with other player’s completed courses. The major reasons for the growing popularity of this hack tool is able to hack the Super Mario Run Hack game and get you countless currencies. With this tool, you are able to obtain what you want within a matter of minutes by following simple steps. Thus, it is absolutely free, easy to use and almost instant access for all the players without downloading any file in a computer or mobile device.

Why you should cheat Hay Day

Supercell which is the creator of other very popular games such as Clash of Clans has really been doing well with its farming game that’s toppling the list of most popular free games ever both on iTunes and on Android. In fact Hay Day is played by millions. Its success is its clear and nice graphics, dynamic playing mode and easy-to-comprehend storyline and task list. The game’s graphics will oftentimes go through seasonal updates, which will bring more joy to the players, especially if they are the younger generation. Regardless the game is played by just everyone and in the past 4-5 years it has grown out to become the top farming game for mobile devices.

The goals of the game

You will earn the coins when trading in goods and performing bigger tasks. You will be able to use the coins to buy machinery, basic goods and extra animals and storage place for you.  You cannot exchange money for diamonds.

In Hay Day, as you are slowly expanding your farm you are earning two things: coins and diamonds. You can use coins to buy basic animals (lambs) and basic crops, plants but when it comes to expansion or buying specific animals such as goats which you will also need later on, then you will need diamonds for all that. That’s exactly why the importance of diamonds is very big in the game.  And that’s exactly when the Hay Day hacks offering unlimited amounts of diamonds come in the picture.


Using the Hay Day Hack

The hacks you can get to find on the internet for this farming game, here for example , are quick and easy to download. All you need is internet and a web browser because the simple entering of the keywords will instantly show you the top pages used for getting these hacks. As this is all mobile based, the sites will not require you to download or upload anything all they need is to connect with your app. The start is for you to enter the desired amount of diamonds and/or coins you would need and then proceed with the following of the instructions of the page, which will then connect to the app on your mobile device and will upload the wished amount quickly and easy.

No matter they offer unlimited amounts I would suggest everyone to target a much lower amount, what they need or exactly need to perform an important task.  Otherwise your whole game might be jeopardized. So use the hacks wisely and smartly and only for the amounts you definitely need to achieve the goal you were given in the game,

Playing Hay Day is much fun for the mere contentment of playing it and doing smaller tasks to level up. So don’t interfere in this process too much, in order to not lose your contentment towards playing the game.

Find hacks online and check out the forums and Facebook pages of fan sites to get some more insight on what’s worth and what’s not worth trying.

Where to get the Clash of Clans Hack from ?

In this chapter I’d like to give you all some advice on how to get Clash of Clans gems hack the best and easiest way.

Where to get the hacks from?

There are several ways to obtain hacks for this game. Let’s see a couple of these:

  • Through Clan communities: online or on Facebook
  • Downloadable program packages which offer you to upload hacks and also other novelties in the game. These can generally be found via community pages.
  • Torrent hack packages:  basically the same as the above but you download them via torrent. It is easier and a little bit more secure this way.
  • The straight through platform script based downloads which are the most ideal for those who are playing these games mainly on their tablets or mobile phones.
  • The hacks can also be found effectively if you are looking for them as cheats or tips or gaining gems

Tons of hacks want to offer unlimited amounts of gems, but don’t fall for these that easily. Unlimited is a big word. Rather take the number you definitely need in order to progress right in that moment and take extreme security measures before logging in onto your Facebook from any of these websites or especially before downloading any packs which promise tons of gems and elixir for you.

Next to the hacks there are tons of websites talking about cheats and sharing all sorts of tips as to how to gain gems more easily and effortlessly. The Facebook app also has campaigns from time to time so it’s well worth watching out for those too.


Types of hacks you can obtain:

  • From torrent: some of the better ones actually scan the files they offer for downloading so they are a tad more secure than other sorts of downloads. Read the reviews before downloading. And get a very good virus scanner just for the sake of safety.
  • The community program packages: you can mostly download these from fan websites and their advantage is in this: if they are on these pages, it’s natural many people talks about them and more goes ahead and tries them. So you can also read several reviews on these.
  • The scrips: these are targeting the mobile apps and they don’t have to be downloaded, only kind of connect to your mobile device for a couple of minutes, until they deliver you the goods you would like to obtain.

Before proceeding to get, try or download anything, make sure:

  • That it is as safe as it can possibly be – or that at least you are armed against common spyware, Trojan or other viruses.
  • You don’t wish for too many things. It can take you too far and may get your profile shut down.
  • Make sure in no way can the site make you pay for it. (Actually, most websites don’t have huge banners on them saying that they are free).

Good luck with the gaming. Clash of Clans is a great strategic game for spending your free time and it’s definitely worth boosting a little bit in case you are badly in need of some extra help.