Why you should cheat Hay Day

Supercell which is the creator of other very popular games such as Clash of Clans has really been doing well with its farming game that’s toppling the list of most popular free games ever both on iTunes and on Android. In fact Hay Day is played by millions. Its success is its clear and nice graphics, dynamic playing mode and easy-to-comprehend storyline and task list. The game’s graphics will oftentimes go through seasonal updates, which will bring more joy to the players, especially if they are the younger generation. Regardless the game is played by just everyone and in the past 4-5 years it has grown out to become the top farming game for mobile devices.

The goals of the game

You will earn the coins when trading in goods and performing bigger tasks. You will be able to use the coins to buy machinery, basic goods and extra animals and storage place for you.  You cannot exchange money for diamonds.

In Hay Day, as you are slowly expanding your farm you are earning two things: coins and diamonds. You can use coins to buy basic animals (lambs) and basic crops, plants but when it comes to expansion or buying specific animals such as goats which you will also need later on, then you will need diamonds for all that. That’s exactly why the importance of diamonds is very big in the game.  And that’s exactly when the Hay Day hacks offering unlimited amounts of diamonds come in the picture.


Using the Hay Day Hack

The hacks you can get to find on the internet for this farming game, here for example hay4hack.com , are quick and easy to download. All you need is internet and a web browser because the simple entering of the keywords will instantly show you the top pages used for getting these hacks. As this is all mobile based, the sites will not require you to download or upload anything all they need is to connect with your app. The start is for you to enter the desired amount of diamonds and/or coins you would need and then proceed with the following of the instructions of the page, which will then connect to the app on your mobile device and will upload the wished amount quickly and easy.

No matter they offer unlimited amounts I would suggest everyone to target a much lower amount, what they need or exactly need to perform an important task.  Otherwise your whole game might be jeopardized. So use the hacks wisely and smartly and only for the amounts you definitely need to achieve the goal you were given in the game,

Playing Hay Day is much fun for the mere contentment of playing it and doing smaller tasks to level up. So don’t interfere in this process too much, in order to not lose your contentment towards playing the game.

Find hacks online and check out the forums and Facebook pages of fan sites to get some more insight on what’s worth and what’s not worth trying.

Where to get the Clash of Clans Hack from ?

In this chapter I’d like to give you all some advice on how to get Clash of Clans gems hack the best and easiest way.

Where to get the hacks from?

There are several ways to obtain hacks for this game. Let’s see a couple of these:

  • Through Clan communities: online or on Facebook
  • Downloadable program packages which offer you to upload hacks and also other novelties in the game. These can generally be found via community pages.
  • Torrent hack packages:  basically the same as the above but you download them via torrent. It is easier and a little bit more secure this way.
  • The straight through platform script based downloads which are the most ideal for those who are playing these games mainly on their tablets or mobile phones.
  • The hacks can also be found effectively if you are looking for them as cheats or tips or gaining gems

Tons of hacks want to offer unlimited amounts of gems, but don’t fall for these that easily. Unlimited is a big word. Rather take the number you definitely need in order to progress right in that moment and take extreme security measures before logging in onto your Facebook from any of these websites or especially before downloading any packs which promise tons of gems and elixir for you.

Next to the hacks there are tons of websites talking about cheats and sharing all sorts of tips as to how to gain gems more easily and effortlessly. The Facebook app also has campaigns from time to time so it’s well worth watching out for those too.


Types of hacks you can obtain:

  • From torrent: some of the better ones actually scan the files they offer for downloading so they are a tad more secure than other sorts of downloads. Read the reviews before downloading. And get a very good virus scanner just for the sake of safety.
  • The community program packages: you can mostly download these from fan websites and their advantage is in this: if they are on these pages, it’s natural many people talks about them and more goes ahead and tries them. So you can also read several reviews on these.
  • The scrips: these are targeting the mobile apps and they don’t have to be downloaded, only kind of connect to your mobile device for a couple of minutes, until they deliver you the goods you would like to obtain.

Before proceeding to get, try or download anything, make sure:

  • That it is as safe as it can possibly be – or that at least you are armed against common spyware, Trojan or other viruses.
  • You don’t wish for too many things. It can take you too far and may get your profile shut down.
  • Make sure in no way can the site make you pay for it. (Actually, most websites don’t have huge banners on them saying that they are free).

Good luck with the gaming. Clash of Clans is a great strategic game for spending your free time and it’s definitely worth boosting a little bit in case you are badly in need of some extra help.