Retro System Review: FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System

Many new retro gaming systems are for sale right now. Some of the systems work fine but some do not work well at all. Some of these systems play only one kind of games but some play as up to three kinds of games. As many people are aware of China made products can be very cheap quality and most of these systems are made in China. The quality of the machines range from poor to excellent though. This means you will want to learn how the system compare before you buy one. The FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System is one of these retro systems. If you want to know how the FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System compares to the other retro systems then you need to read on.

The FC Mobile 2 II NES Portable System is a improved and updated version of the NES Portable system. The previous system had many major flaws so the big question is how well the FC Mobile 2 fixes the problems of its poor quality predecessor. The FC Mobile 2 cost about $50 which is about $5 more then the older version.

As you may have guessed from the name the FC Mobile 2 plays NES games and it is also portable. However if you take a second to think about it you will realize how silly a portable NES system is. The NES cartridges are bigger then the entire system. Also many systems are out there that play roms of these games and also play other systems. With battery drainage a big issue the portability of this machine is lacking and this is at best a NES system.

Fortunately the FC Mobile 2 does have wires that can connect to the TV. Being portable the machine is lacking in what many NES only systems have going for them the ability to use NES controllers and peripherals. Not only are you paying twice as much for this machine as other NES only systems but you do not get the advantages that most NES only systems have.

The next big issues is how the FC Mobile 2 improves on the earlier system. The FC Mobile 2 does a little better but not much. The older version was built so shallow that many games could not get a good connection and many games would not work. Now most games do work but not well. The machine is still poor quality and has many of the same problems that the earlier one had. It seems the only improvement is that most games will fit the system and work with the low quality emulation the older version should have had.

The one good thing about the system is the controllers are high quality. Most retro systems that are wireless do not have controllers that work. The FC Mobile 2 oddly has controllers that do work. It is amazing that a machine so poorly built is able to do the what much better systems can not do.

I could not recommend the NES Portable System and I can not recommend the FC Mobile 2. The FC Mobile 2 is marginally better then the NES Portable System but it is still a terrible system.

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