Robin Hood: Skill Points in Facebook Robin Hood

Facebok Robin Hood players when you level up in the game you get four profile points to place. Perhaps you are wondering where to put profile points. I have some suggestions where to place those profile points in facebook game Robin Hood.
Here they are called profile points and you can add them in five different areas. Perhaps you have your own ideas, but mine are tried and true and the result of playing countless games online of this same of type as facebook Robin Hood.

The areas that you can deposit them are not so different then the other strategy games out here. You can put these on attack, defense, max energy, max health, or max stamina.

Attack putting your profile points here will make you stronger when you attack other bands of merry men. In the facebook Robin hood game some quests will add a point here, so I would not toss any here unless you are out to fight in the game. Me I climb with quests so this is not necessary have thing for me.

Robin Hood. Original artwork for Look and Learn (issue yet to be identified).

Defense putting profile points on this one will help you in defending against rival bands when they attack you. Yes occasionally rivals on any game will attack you, but only if you attack them first. I rarely put any profile points here because I did like attacking anyone.

Max energy putting profile points here is a great idea if you are trying to climb the levels without fighting by doing quests only on the facebook Robin Hood game. Placing those points here means you will be able to complete more missions.

Max health putting your coveted profile points here is somewhat crazy unless you are fighting to gain experience. I never put any of mine here; because when I do need to heal there is always the healer, I can visit to get better quickly.

Max stamina is great for putting your profile points if you choose to do a lot of fighting on the facebook Robin Hood game to climb the levels. Being a lover and not a fighter none of my extra points go here.

On the facebook Robin Hood game, you get four skill points when you level up. Where is the best place to toss these points? The placement of those profile points really depends on how you want to play it.

If you wish to fight to gain experience, toss those on attack, defense, health, and stamina. You will spend countless amounts of money and time healing unless you have the best equipment.

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