Tips to Help You When You Play Clash Royale

Tips to Help You When You Play Clash Royale

One of the best things about gamers, the ones who eat, sleep and breathe games, is that they need no hacks and cheat codes. But then these are the gamers who have grown up spending every weekday and weekend with the gaming consoles, gaming day and night. They  get mad when we ask them to get a life, they get offended when they are asked to go out more often; they call themselves master strategists.

And then there are the rest- the ones who game when we have the time, hang out with friends, study for finals and maintain a fairly active social life. These guys can catch a quick game or two during the day and have to spend sleepless nights catching up with the rest of the gaming community. All the hacks and the cheat-codes are for these guys. One game that everyone plays on the go is Clash Royale. And it is just your luck if you are having a tough time playing the game. And because we are really nice people, here are clash royale cheats for free that you absolutely must know.

  1. Keep Calm, Keep Patient

The formula of Clash of Clans is mixed with card battling mechanism. The attacks and the magic attacks are very familiar. This is why most players are hasty and attack quickly. But our game-experts advise against it.  During the first few moments of the match, make sure your moves are slow and calculated in its offensive strategy. And even if the tower is being attacked keep calm, because offense is the best defense and this is the biggest of all clash royale cheats. Make the offense bigger only after one Rival tower is down; this ensures that you can wrap up that win easily. Your Elixir will refill twice as quickly during the last minute, which gives you the freedom to put up twice as much troops in the field.

  1. Intelligent Use of Elixir

While you might get carried away pulling out new cards, always be sure to keep tabs on the Elixir meter.  Using smaller units once the fight starts will do two things- flood the battle field and drain out your opponent’s energy.  Use the limited elixir you have to create a powerful troop, only if you have enough elixir to spawn another troop right after.  Spending too much Elixir and attacking with an overwhelming force has not worked out for so long, and probably will not work out as well.

  1. Waiting for the Chests to Open

Anybody who is anxious or is short on time will spend their gems in the early phase of the game, spending it all on the newly obtained chests.  New cards will be accessible, when the chests are cracked open. If you’re lucky, you might get an Epic or Rare Card. But you never know in which chest you can find them. So, the only thing you can do is wait.

  1. Timing the Poison Spell Right

There is one specific situation in which you can use the Poison Spell on every single match, once you add it to your deck. When your tower gets flooded-attacked by enemy troops excessively, the Poison Spell can be their gas cloud of death.  This is an effective way to trap as many from the enemy clan as possible. A poison gas ridden incoherent enemy troop can also be easily defeated by your own troop. And another important thing that will probably help if you remember is that the spell costs 4 points of Elixir. And this makes it convenient if you have the required elixir saved up for this.  Make sure you time it right.

Clash Royale is a game that helps the player become a better gamer. What you get out of gaming, apart from the sheer joy of gaming include hand-eye coordination, becoming a better strategist and a master-planner. Another thing that gaming teaches us is effective management of available and required resources.  These make Clash Royale a much sort after game.

Clash Royale Hacks include a lot of patience and that is exactly why you should play it- to master patience. And in the real life, I am sure that we know how beneficial it is to be at peace with yourself, something that patience could give you. And these are mere tips on how to play the game properly, hacktools are a topic for another day and another time, isn’t it?

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