Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links – Your Favourite Cards Game

About the game:

Yu Gi Oh is one of the amazing online game and the game was designed by Konami at January 6, 2016. This name is featured from the Transcend games. This is also a card game and you can get different types of cards. Depending upon the cards you can get different types of powers compare to your opponent or enemies.

Before going to the game you have to register your account. Depending upon the pre-registered accounts, rewards can be allocated. For example,

  • For 50 gems- Dark Magician reward can be allocated.
  • For 100 gems- Yugi muto duel field can be allocated.
  • Above the 300 yu gi oh duel links free gems– Seto Kaiba-duel field can be allocated.

What is Duel world?

Duel world is the hub area, from this place only you can select and challenge to get the standard duelists or the legend duelists. If you play well then you can get different types of duelists and improve your status in the game.

Demo play:

Yu Gi Oh duel links game platform will help you to understand the rules and regulations of the game. In this demo, you have an online opponent and you have to play against it. From this you can practice the game and decks have been given to you by your duelists.

Rules to play the game:

There are more number of rules and regulations present in this game. Some of they are,

  • Every player has three Monster zones and they also have three speed zones.
  • You have to start your game from at-least 8000LP.
  • You must have 40-60 cards per game.
  • Depending upon the characters selected, you can start with different amount allocated for the characters.
  • This game has main phase 2 and end phase. You must complete those levels to improve your status.

What is the reason to play the game?

Every game has a good reason to play and if it will not satisfy your needs then it will not be a good game. This game contains more interesting things because it is a battle game. If you won the first level then you can go to the next level with different powers. The following are the some reasons to play the game.

Comfortable to play: The game had a greatest followers and it would definitely make you feel the uniqueness or easy to play. As this is the cards game, so it must have some special characters to attract the players. Most of the cards game is very difficult to understand, but this game has very easiest procedures to play. That’s-why this game will be loved by more number of people.

Some position for every player:  All game players can’t have same type of interest and knowledge. Depending upon the mindset you can get different types of cards.

  • If you are like dragons, you can select the dragon’s deck.
  • If you are a tree lover, you can get tree deck.

Similar to that decks you can get different types of decks like, dinosaurs along with plants, sea serpents etc. So this game will suitable for every people who are lived with different thoughts.

Variety of play: This game contains different levels. Fashion monsters, Normal monsters and Ritule monsters are the starting levels of the game. If you reached to the particular level then you can get interesting monsters like photon, wind-up, etc. You could not get an idea about the next level. Hence the upcoming levels will give you an amazing feel.

How to play the game?

While playing the Yu Gi Oh duel links game you have to hold three main cards called spells, monsters and traps, which will help you to beat the opponent life points. The basic rule is that, every player must have 40-60 cards and you to hold 5 cards in the game.

In your turn you have to draw your cards and decide what your aim is, it may be monster or spell or traps. If you have a normal monster then you have to play to get the monsters with special abilities.  By using monster attack, try to reduce the opposite player life points. The monster attacks will increase your life point and spells will increase the monsters attack points. Traps will protect the monster points.


Every game consists of some different characteristics and it will improve your way of thinking and give better time pass without any tension. So play this battle game and make your mind free!

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